Novare Network is one of the strongest Alabama workers comp case management companies, dedicating ourselves to the containment of your workers’ compensation costs. The primary objective of our business operations is to help self-insured employers contain their workers’ compensation costs for their injured workers.

For Novare Network, one of the most effective ways to reduce workers’ compensation costs is to ensure that injured workers are given appropriate and high-quality treatment to shorten their length of disability. A shorter treatment period and earlier return to work can certainly reduce any employer’s workers’ compensation cost and that is the Mission of our case management team.

We also have a team of experienced Alabama workers compensation Nurse Case Managers to evaluate and implement health care plans of your injured workers. Our Nurse Case Managers are committed to provide effective medical care for your injured employees and to manage their treatment costs. They coordinate with patients, doctors, the patient’s family, and health providers in order to effectively relate the patient’s status, progress and needs with the parties concerned.

To reinforce our medical case and Nurse Case Management services, we are offering two more important aspects of cost containment. These are the medical bill review and utilization management processes.

Our utilization review is primarily intended to check the appropriateness of a medical provider’s medical care techniques before they are used on an injured worker. This will make sure that the treatment, together with its cost, is based on evidenced-based guidelines.

Our medical bill review process on the other hand, is designed to ascertain the veracity and accuracy of the charges reflected on your injured employee’s medical bill. Our medical bill analysts are experienced registered nurses who are highly familiar with medical bills and coding. A thorough medical bill review is the most effective way for you to make sure that the charges reflected on the patient’s bill are the ones actually provided.

Our medical case management, Nurse Case Management, utilization review and medical bill review services are designed to help give you better control over workers’ compensation costs. But in our earnest desire to maximize the benefits we can offer, we established Novare Network as an Alabama Medicare secondary payer services company.

Our services are primarily focused on the containment of your workers’ compensation cost. But with MSP, we make sure to protect the interests of your Medicare program.

Any type or size business or organization can leverage our workers’ compensation cost containment services to optimize their costs. But we are especially calling on specialized services providers to evaluate their workers’ compensation expenses. If you own or operate a Nursing Home, auto dealers association, home builders associations, and auto claims services, you should consider working with a competent medical care provider like Novare Network to help you optimize your workers’ compensation costs.