Novare Network provide Arizona employers with effective workers’ compensation cost containment solutions. It is our mission to lower the cost of your injured employees’ medical bills.

We offer utilization review, medical bill review, case management, and medical secondary payer (MSP) services. We want to make sure that the charges involved in your injured employees’ medical treatment are valid. We can help you avoid double, erroneous and unnecessary charges on your patients’ medical bills. We want to make sure that the costs reflected on them are accurate and reasonable.

Utilization Management

Utilization review is our first line of defense to help you avoid unnecessary or inappropriate medical care expenses.

As a provider of medical management services, we make sure that your injured workers are provided with the right medical care through the use of appropriate medical care techniques and equipment.

Our utilization management team is composed of experienced health care experts. We conduct utilization review to make sure that only the intended medical treatment for your injured worker is administered based on evidence-based guidelines. We do it to not only optimize patient care but to ensure value in your workers’ compensation costs as well.

Medical Bill Review

Our medical bill analysts are highly experienced registered nurses who are well-versed with different types of medical bills and codes. We review your patient’s bills to make sure that the services billed are the ones actually provided.

Our medical review team focuses on customary review, fee schedule review, review of drug and supply charges, and elimination of duplicate medical charges for workers’ compensation.

We use modern technology to facilitate the minimization of our client companies’ medical bills. We can customize our bill review system to suit to your company’s specific needs and to help you achieve your specific goals.

Case Management

Novare Network operates one of the best Arizona medical case management companies. Our team of experienced and highly proficient Arizona workers compensation Nurse Case Managers and disability management professionals are committed to ensure that your injured employees are provided with the most appropriate medical treatment. It’s our way to reduce your workers’ compensation cost and facilitate your injured worker’s fast return to work.

Medical Secondary Payer (MSO) Service

Novare Network established our Arizona Medicare secondary payer services company to provide you with easy access to medical secondary payer services to workers’ compensation.

We offer a complete line of compliance driven solutions and personalized service that we commit to deliver from time of receipt until the case is resolved. We perform a thorough analysis of each case and recommend measures to reduce your workers compensation costs without affecting the interests of your Medicare program.

We’re applying our workers’ compensation cost containment solutions to businesses of various types and sizes. As such, we would like to offer our assistance to specialized businesses. If you are an operator or chief executive officer of an auto dealers association, Nursing Home, home builders’ association, liability insurance provider, or public entity fund, we’re calling on you to call on us.