If your business exposes your workers to a lot of risks, you will really feel workers’ compensation as a pulsating pain point. If that’s a glaring reality in your company, the best you can do would be to implement workers’ compensation cost containment strategies to prevent or eliminate unnecessary workers’ compensation costs. We can partner with you to make that happen.

Our workers’ compensation cost containment strategies are applicable to all types and sizes of business. But if you’re operating a specialized business such as an insurance company, liability insurance provider, auto claims service, home builders’ association, or a Nursing Home, you should consider finding ways to contain your workers’ compensation costs and that’s where we come in.

Novare Network is a medical management company whose main focus of operation is to help our client employers contain their workers’ compensation costs.

We are offering case management services which focuses on the evaluation of the causes of a worker’s compensation claim. We also make ourselves responsible for the development of a treatment plan for your injured employee, and coordinate with the different parties involved including the injured worker, their family, employer and medical service providers.

Our Atlanta workers compensation Nurse Case Managers is another workers’ comp cost containment plan, established to help you and your injured worker weather the tests of a workplace injury. We’re offering this service to make sure that your injured worker gets the appropriate treatment at the right time. We also use this service to give your injured employee the needed medical and moral support to encourage them to return to work earlier and take responsibilities that are best suited to their condition.

Utilization Review

is an effective way to ensure that the managed care techniques recommended on your injured worker are necessary. We offer utilization review service to see to it that the treatments recommended are in accordance with experienced-based guidelines.

Medical bill review

is another service we offer to ascertain the accuracy and correctness of the charges and costs reflected in the bill. We focus our medical bill review on the most important aspects of the billing process which include:

  • Fee schedule
  • Medicine and supply charges
  • Compliance of utilization review with current procedural terminology (CPT)
  • Bundling/unbundling
  • Removal of duplicate medical billing

Our team of medical bill analysts is composed of Registered Nurses. They are highly experienced in clinical procedures and very familiar with types of medical bill charges.

Novare Network is also an Atlanta Medicare secondary payer services company that’s committed to optimize your workers’ compensation cost and see to it that your Medicare is precluded from the medical charges of your injured workers – if they are covered by workers’ compensation plan or other liability or no-fault insurance.

Our medical cost containment services are applicable to all types and sizes of businesses. But if you’re operating a specialized business or organization like a Nursing Home, auto dealers association, home builders’ association, or liability insurance company, you should consider the advantages of working with a trusted medical management services provider like Novare Network.