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managed care

Case management companies have been able to create a seamless healthcare experience for workers’ compensation injury claims. From start to finish, case management companies have made it possible to eliminate all the delays and issues that come up during a patient’s interaction with healthcare providers and insurance carriers. However, for better evaluation and tracking of treatment and effectiveness of care, nurse case management companies are the best choice to handle your injured worker’s claims. Nurse involvement is an integral factor of any claims medical case management program.

The main benefit of nurse case management companies is that all the case managers are registered nurses. Nurse case managers are more knowledgable and trained to coordinate all aspects of the injured worker’s care – from identifying cost-effective treatment options to coordinating overall care in and out of medical facilities and clinics, and even communicating the health status to the family, support system and employers.

Nurse case managers don’t just assist with the injury claims but more importantly, they are patient advocates. Nurse case managers advocate for the injured worker’s medical needs and make sure those needs are met in the most effective and efficient way. Here are the advantages of choosing a nurse case management company for your workers’ compensation injure claims: 

  1. A nurse case manager will help injured workers and their families or support systems understand their health conditions and options for treatment through the use of evidence-based medical guidelines for the known diagnosis(es). 
  2. Injured workers will receive the assistance necessary to follow through with their recommended treatment plan. The nurse case manager will aggressively pursue the resolution of the treatment and full release for the injured worker to report back to the job. 
  3. The nurse case manager will plan and coordinate the care, resources, and services needed with medical professionals, physicians, clinicians, and other health service providers. 
  4. The nurse case manager will promptly communicate and report all medical and work status information to all parties involved including the injured worker, the employer, and the insurance adjuster. 
  5. Nurse case managers will work with adjusters to come up with the most appropriate and cost-effective solution so that injured workers can return to work and achieve maximum medical improvement. 
  6. In some cases, nurse case managers even provide “triage” immediately after an injury is first reported so that the injured worker gets the right treatment. 
  7. At times, nurse case managers go out in the field to accompany injured workers on physicians’ visits.
  8. The nurse case manager will make home visits to ensure the injured worker is getting appropriate care and check up on their overall health and well-being. 
  9. The nurse case manager will meet with the injured worker’s supervisors to arrange for modifications in their job description and working environment. 

Whether it’s field case management or telephonic case management, the nurse case manager will handle injured worker’s claims with expertise because they are well-versed in the medical treatment guidelines of their respective state.

As one of the top nurse case management companies, Novare maintains a staff of professional nurses who approach injured workers holistically, considering both comorbidities and socioeconomic hinders to recovery. We are committed to efficient and effective workers’ compensation cost containment and workers’ compensation managed care with high responsibility to quality, service, and local representation.

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