As a business operator and employer, you are interested in containing the costs involved in medical treatment of your employees that are injured on the job. That means that you need to consider Novare Network’s workers’ compensation cost management services.

With the advent of our California workers compensation Nurse Case Managers, businesses in California will have a way to reduce your cost of claims. We understand that workers’ compensation is a combination of medical, legal and financial aspects. In that sense, we make it our mission to help our client companies avoid and/or recover overpayments and optimize the medical treatment of your injured workers. We have successfully accomplished this mission through structured processes designed to contain workers’ compensation costs. These are:

Utilization Management

Effective medical management is about the prompt delivery of appropriate medical care at the right time. As a medical management company, Novare takes the responsibility of making sure that our customers’ injured workers are given proper care through the right medication and managed care techniques. It is our way to ascertain that your injured employees are given only the needed medical care procedures before these are administered.

We commit to make sure that your injured workers are given appropriate medical care. It is our mission to ensure optimal recovery of your patients and to prevent the escalation of their medical costs.

Medical Bill Review

Novare Network has a team of competent medical bill analysts. We are equipped with state of the art technology to help you minimize your workers’ compensation costs. Our Bill Review service is flexible, meaning that we can customize it to your specific needs to help you accomplish your business goals. We keep our lines of communication open for you, at all times, and we are ready to assist you in every phase of the medical bill review process.

Case Management

As one of the most modern California medical case management companies, Novare has a team of highly competent medical case managers and disability management professionals who are committed to make sure that your injured workers are getting the most appropriate treatment and medical care. We see to it that they are progressing towards an expedient return to work.

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Service

Novare Network established our California Medicare secondary payer services to provide you with access to medical secondary payer solutions.

Our team of experts have developed compliance driven solutions that enable us to perform claim specific analysis to find ways to contain workers’ compensation costs without compromising Medicare and its interests.

Any company or business organization can adopt our workers’ compensation cost containment solutions with success. In fact, we are catering to a lot of businesses across the country sharing that success. We would like to call attention to businesses that are engaged in specialized services. If you are running a home builders’ association, Nursing Home, liability insurance provider, or insurance company you should start to find ways to control your workers’ compensation costs. The moment you need help we’ll be ready to work with you immediately.

Our workers’ compensation cost containment strategies are flexible, meaning that businesses and entities of any type and size can work with us and receive the same benefits. We also cater to specialized businesses such as Nursing Homes, insurance companies, auto dealers associations, liability insurance providers, and home builders’ associations. If you need a partner to contain your workers’ compensation costs, call us. We are ready to go to work with you.