Novare Network is adopting a proactive approach to medical management as a vital component of workers’ compensation cost containment. It is our way of demonstrating our commitment to:

  • Foster your workers’ well-being
  • Expedite an effective treatment plan that can get them back to work sooner
  • Minimize injured workers’ medical costs, and
  • Make them a productive member of your business once again.

Our Florida workers compensation Nurse Case Managers are Registered Nurses who are trained and experienced in the creation and administration of medical care plans for your injured workers. They carry Novare Network’s earnest desire to show your injured workers that you are committed to give them quality medical treatment. We strive to get your injured workers ready to return to work as soon as possible in order to minimize your medical care expenses and to help bring your worker back to productive status.

As one of the leading Florida case management companies, Novare’s primary goal is to reduce your injured workers’ length of disability and ensure that they are getting reasonable, high-quality, and necessary treatment along with reduced medical care costs and improved employee well-being. We are confident that your injured employees will thank you for the Nurse Case Management service we provide.

On top of our case management services, we also review medical bills to make sure that you are paying only for services rendered to your injured worker. The members of our medical bill review team have a keen eye for billing errors like double billing, miscoding and other types of billing fraud. We can certainly help you in your workers’ compensation cost containment goals.

Novare Network also offers Florida Medicare secondary payer services. We can help to ascertain that your injured workers’ medical costs are not charged to your Medicare program when another entity, such as worker’s compensation, is primarily responsible for paying those costs.

We’re currently serving a lot of companies with different forms of business and varied methods of operation. But if you are engaged in a specialized business like a Nursing Home, insurance company, home builders association, public entity fund, auto association, auto liability review, auto dealers association, auto claims service, or liability insurance provider we’re calling on you to find ways to minimize workers’ your compensation costs. Maybe it’s time to reach out to us for a cost-effective operation.