What Hospital Case Managers Do And How They Can Help In Workers’ Comp

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Hospital case managers are primarily nurses who make sure that the patient is getting the right care at the right time and in the right setting. Hospital case managers also help with discharge planning, which is the process of identifying the patient’s continued medical needs after they get discharged from the hospital. It is very important that hospital case managers are experienced nurses since they are required to handle complex care needs that require comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field. This is especially essential when it comes to the workers’ compensation claims.

Cases involved in workers’ comp follow Official Disability Guidelines or ODG. According to research by WorkersCompensation.com, the largest regulatory and compliance information center available for the workers’ compensation industry, Occupational Disability Guidelines is a set of comprehensive and up-to-date guidelines that employ evidence-based and data-driven methods for an injured worker’s medical treatment and return to work program. In these circumstances, hospital case managers who are nurses are in the best position to help injured workers return to work much faster.

Workers’ compensation nurse case managers are assigned to an injured worker immediately after an incident. It doesn’t matter if the worker has been injured, exposed to illness, or placed in a situation that caused symptoms to develop while in the workplace, nurse case managers in workers’ comp will either start assessment onsite/on the field or over the phone. Either way, the nurse case manager’s medical background allows them to start handling a workers’ comp case at the moment of injury and start the process of giving the injured worker care. Because they are well-versed in the medical treatment guidelines of their respective state, they can also examine all medical records and schedule tests and procedures as needed and make contacts with healthcare providers and physicians.

Hospital case managers or workers compensation nurse case managers can make a significant difference with an injured worker’s long-term health by staying in contact from the beginning of the process until the end of care.

As a professional team of nurse case managers for workers comp, Novare nurses are very proud of their ability to move injury claims in a positive direction. As nurses with expertise, they are able to approach the injured worker holistically by considering both comorbidities and socioeconomic factors that may hinder recovery resulting in better outcomes and fewer days of disability. Novare is the premier company for effective and responsible management services for injured workers.

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