If your worker’s compensation claims are taking a big chunk from your profits then your company needs our help. We want to introduce you to our “Competent Workers’ Compensation Medical Management Service.” We are Novare Network, a company committed to providing employers with effective cost containment solutions and to help facilitate the best treatment for injured workers.

In Louisiana, we deliver workers’ compensation cost containment services by performing the most effective processes of determining the true cost of medical care for your injured workers.

Utilization Review

It is an effective yet complicated process. We make it simpler for you with our automated medical protocols based on ICD-10 codes. Our automated review system can help to reduce costs associated with the approval of requests for managed care techniques. We make sure that only necessary medical resources are applied.

Medical Case Management

It is a collaborative process that involves the medical care provider, employer, injured worker, and in some cases, the worker’s family. Our Louisiana workers compensation Nurse Case Managers comprise a most important part of our medical management team, working to facilitate proper planning and execution of the health care services needed to achieve these goals:

  • An assurance that injured employees is given the right treatment at the right time and in the right situation.
  • Administer the appropriate medical and moral support to encourage the injured worker to return to work either in light duty or full capacity. We will coordinate with you and the employer, in this aspect.

Medical Review

It is one of the most important elements of the medical cost containment process; the most trusted Louisiana case management companies are also offering this service, but we are one of the best. Why? Because our medical bill review for workers’ compensation is focused on the complete evaluation of the following:

  • Fee schedule
  • Medicine and supply charges
  • Compliance of utilization review with current procedural terminology (CPT) guidelines
  • Bundling/unbundling
  • Removal of duplicate medical billing

Our medical bill review team is manned by experienced Registered Nurses who are well-versed with different types of medical bills. One of the teams main tasks is to make sure that the charges/medical services are properly coded, properly delivered and properly billed.

Our Medical Secondary Payer (MSP)

services is designed to preclude Medicare from paying the medical expenses of injured workers who are covered by a workers’ compensation plan, automobile or liability insurance, or a no-fault insurance. We’re implementing it across all areas of operation, including our Medicare secondary payer services that Louisiana Medicare beneficiaries are familiar with.

Our workers’ compensation cost containment methods are applicable to any size business or organization that employs workers. However, if you are engaged in a specialized business such as Nursing Homes, public entity funds, home builders associations, auto associations, auto dealers associations, auto liability reviews, auto claims services, insurance companies, or liability insurance providers, contact us right away if you think it’s time for you to look for strategies that can effectively minimize workers’ compensation costs.