As a medical management company, Novare Network understands that one of our primary responsibilities is to leverage our knowledge in medical care to lower our clients’ medical bills.

To make our objective possible, we offer four essential medical management services such as utilization review, case management, medical bill review and Medicare secondary care services to reduce your workers’ compensation cost.

Being one of the leading case management companies, in Mississippi, we have a team of Mississippi workers compensation Nurse Case Managers in place to plan, manage and take care of your injured workers medical care needs. We understand the value of nurses in the effective management of workers’ compensation claims. We are certain that with great skills and experience, we’ll able to shorten the duration of your injured workers’ medical treatment and lower the total cost of claims.

We are confident that our case management services would be of great help to your organization because our Nurse Case Managers are highly experienced with great skills in communication, problem solving, and human relations. Most importantly, they are well-versed with the health care system and they’re equipped with appropriate know-how to meet the challenges and needs of workers’ compensation claims.

Our utilization review service is designed to ensure that your injured workers are provided with the right medical care at the right moment. We work to prevent over utilization of medical treatment because it is a driving factor in the excessive cost of workers’ compensation claim.

In addition to our primary workers’ compensation cost containment services, Novare Network also provides Mississippi Medicare secondary payer services. We offer this service to ensure that your injured workers’ Medicare program is not used to pay for their medical expenses if they are covered by an entity that’s primarily responsible for the payment of their medical treatment costs.