With the advent of one of the most modern Tennessee workers comp case companies, we at Novare Network are proud to declare that we’re one of the most employer-focused companies in the region.

Our approach to workers’ compensation is to provide cost containment services. Yet, we also commit to deliver services that protect our clients’ injured workers by ensuring that they are provided with timely and appropriate medical care.

Our cost containment system is flexible. While it is mainly designed for conventional employers, it can also be helpful to businesses and organizations like Nursing Homes, home builders associations, auto dealers associations, and liability insurance providers and entities who are looking for ways to effectively contain workers’ compensation costs.

We offer utilization review services to help your injured employees get the appropriate medical treatment and care. We see to it that you’re not paying for unnecessary medical services as these translate to cost. It’s our first step in an effort to protect you from unnecessary expenditures due to inappropriate medical care.

We also do medical bill review to make sure that the charges reflected on your injured employee’s medical bill are true an accurate. It is a process performed only by our competent and highly experienced nurses who are experienced with medical bills and codes.

We perform medical review services to make sure that the codes of the medical procedures on your injured workers are correctly applied to their medical bills. Aside from medical coding verification, we also review your patient’s medical supply and drug charges, fee schedules, and medical charges to make sure that duplicate entries are eliminated.

Our medical review system is flexible meaning that we can customize a plan to suit your needs or specifications to enable you to achieve specific business objectives.

Another component of our medical cost containment system is case management. We employ the best Tennessee workers compensation Nurse Case Managers in the state today. We have a team of experienced and highly competent and experienced Nurses as well as disability management professionals who are trained to provide your injured workers with the most suitable medical care. They can help to shorten your employees’ time away from work in order to get them returning to work earlier.

Another very important branch of our workers’ compensation cost containment system is our medical secondary payer service. Aside from being a medical management service provider, Novare Network is also a Tennessee Medicare secondary payer services company. We work to reduce your workers’ compensation costs but we always see to it that your Medicare program can only be used when another entity is primarily responsible for paying your injured worker’s bill.