An effective workers’ compensation management plan isn’t just about providing earnest medical treatment. It involves structured processes and technology to help self-insured employers minimize workers’ compensation costs and ensure that injured workers are allowed access to appropriate medical care.

We’re calling on businesses and organizations like Nursing Homes, home builders associations, auto dealers associations, auto liability reviews, auto claims services, public entity funds, auto associations, insurance companies, and liability insurance providers to determine a workers’ compensation cost containment strategy. Maybe it’s time for you to reach out to us for a cost-effective operation.

We administer a team of Texas workers compensation Nurse Case Managers and we offer not only our services but our sincere implementation of our knowledge of the managed care industry. We have a heartfelt desire to offer smart workers’ compensation solutions and more value to our customers.

There are a number of Texas medical case management companies today and all of us are claiming excellence as medical management service providers but at Novare Network we hold ourselves to a higher standard by providing comprehensive bill review services on top of case and utilization management. These essential solutions should work together for the benefit of injured employees and have a positive effect on your company’s workers compensation costs.

But there is one more service that we are offering. We have our Texas Medicare secondary payer services, intended to ensure that the medical costs of your injured workers are not directly charged to your Medicare program when you have a workers’ compensation insurance that is primarily responsible for paying those costs.

At Novare Network, we make sure to deliver the best of our cost containment services with our simple formula: A combination of proven medical management software and a reliable provider network. This translates to effective cost containment strategies that facilitate faster return to work of workers and cost savings for employers.

Our workers’ compensation cost containment strategies are applicable to all types and sizes of business, and we’re currently serving a lot of them. But if you’re operating a specialized business such as an insurance company, liability insurance provider, auto claims service, auto dealers association, auto liability review, auto association, public entity fund, home builders’ association, or a Nursing Home, you should consider finding ways to contain your workers’ compensation costs. We hope you will reach out to us so we can show you we can help you make that happen.